We wrapped up the seventh iteration of Atlassian’s add-on development contest, Codegeist, a few weeks ago. The contest ran from February 1 to May 31 and saw our developer ecosystem contribute close to 100 completely new add-ons to the Atlassian Marketplace. Devs could build whatever type of add-on they wanted–plugin, integration, client, mobile app, or anything else they could think of. The new add-ons cover the range of Atlassian products, from Jira to Bamboo.

More money was up for grabs in this Codegeist than ever before, across six prizes:

  • Best Add-on for each month of the contest (February, March, April, and May – $10,000 (x4)
  • Best Add-on overall – $15,000 (to be awarded to one of the four monthly prize winners)
  • Best Stash Add-on – $10,000

Enough with the background…

The Winners

Best Add-on of the Month (February) : Content Scheduler for Confluence

Read the announcement here.

Best Add-on of the Month (March) : Skiblz Cam for Jira

Read the announcement here.

Best Add-on of the Month (May)

Filepicker for Jira

Filepicker by Filepicker.io makes it incredibly simple to attach files to Jira issues from cloud file storage services. With one add-on, you can connect your Jira instance to 19 different sources of files, including Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and many more. Additionally, you can attach multiple files at once–imagine attaching one file from your local machine and another from a Gmail message attachment to the Jira issue in one click, without leaving Jira.

Don’t fret, jealous Confluence users. The Confluence version is coming soon!

Filepicker Banner


Best Overall Add-on / Best Add-on of the Month (April)

FOLIO for Jira

FOLIO for Jira allows you to track project portfolios, individual projects, and programs against project scope and cost. Set a budget for your project for material, people, and suppliers and then track costs and project progress inside of Jira. Compare actual expenses to planned expenses and get a big picture view of your project portfolio. It’s the project management add-on for Jira you’ve been waiting for.

FOLIO for Jira Banner


Best Stash Add-on

Storyflow for Stash

Storyflow for Stash by Hindsight Software automatically transitions Jira issues when pull requests are opened, declined or merged. The add-on extends the Stash-Jira integration further by automatically creating remote issue links to pull requests in Jira issues when the issue is referenced in the pull request. Finally, issue watchers can be mapped to Stash users and Storyflow will automatically designate them as pull request reviewers.

Storyflow for Stash banner


Congratulations to FOLIO for winning our grand prize, and thanks to everyone that participated in this year’s Codegeist competition!

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