Developers universally recognize the benefits of code review including

  • Fewer defects
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Mentoring of new team members

Despite the clear benefits, most teams don’t do code reviews because they are too time-consuming.
In this talk from Atlassian Summit 2010, Brendan Humphreys discusses how teams can incorporate code review into their daily development practices to gain these benefits without investing too much time. It’ll come as no surprise that he recommends using code review tools like Atlassian Crucible, but even if your team isn’t using tool-assisted review, you can pick up a ton of useful tips for integrating code review into your software development practice!
Check out Brendan’s talk on ‘Code Review for Busy Teams’:

Want to get the slides?

You can view and download the slides for this session from the Atlassian Summit 2010 website.

Summit 2010 Highlights – Code Review for Busy Teams