This is a guest blog from Damian Kaczmarek, CEO of Rapid Technology Solutions, makers of the code2flow for Confluence and code2flow for Jira.

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Have you ever thought about why creating flowcharts and other diagrams is so time consuming? Most diagramming software requires a lot of manual work–placing each element on a canvas and connecting it to other elements. That requires a lot of clicking! Slight changes in logic may require huge changes in the visual representation of the process, meaning more painful work for you. So we began wondering, does it really have to be like this?

What if you could simply write psuedo-code and automatically get this?

That’s the idea behind code2flow. Simply write expressions in natural language separated by semicolons and add control statements like “if.” The syntax mirrors most C-like programming languages:

  • if – for simple decisions like true/false (custom labels can be applied)
  • while / break / continue – to model any continuous looping process
  • switch / break – model a decision that can have multiple outcomes
  • goto – jump from one point in the flowchart to another

Non-developers shouldn’t fear–casual usage is simple. There is integrated help to look up syntax to help anyone catch on.

Our goal is simple: facilitate communication between project management and programmers. Code2flow lies at the intersection of programming and modelling. One team can write code, easily transform their actual algorithms into human readable sentences, and management can easily follow the logic on flowcharts. It’s an easy step to help teams work better together.

Code2flow has grew from the need to rapidly document different processes and workflows in medical software, where prototyping and analysis takes a huge role in assuring safe program operation and proper ISO process verification. We discovered it to be extremely useful in more casual areas like modeling business logic. Here’s an example process of taking a payment by Paypal in Poland where VAT needs to be specially handled.

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Watch the short demo below, try it out in a live instance at, and finally start a free trial on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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