It has always been a huge priority for Atlassian to bridge the gap between code and issues, and make teams more productive. The newest release of  Jira 6.2, with integrations into Fisheye and Crucible 3.3, does just that by boosting the traceability between issues and source. The development panel in Jira will give you all the source details from your repositories for Subversion, Perforce, Mercurial and more.

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Development status of your issues at a glance

Does this issue have commits? How many branches are involved? Is there a review in progress? All these questions can now be answered as soon as you open an issue in Jira. We implemented the new development panel to give you a quick overview of all the related changes in the source. With the new Jira and Fisheye/Crucible, get up to date on your issue’s progress in seconds. Stop the endless searching and get all the information you need in one place.


Simpler commits view

Get a quick overview of the commits related to your issue by clicking in the development panel. See everything you need to understand the changes made to your source. Along with the commit message and related files, you can view the branches where the commits are made. We also show you any existing reviews for your commits so that you can create new ones straight from Jira if required.


See all reviews for your issue

All the reviews linked to your issue are accessible within a single dialog. Identify pending reviews and check out due dates to stay up to date on your team’s progress. The new Crucible integration gives you the right level of visibility to stay productive.


With the latest Atlassian Jira, Fisheye, and Crucible integrations, staying on top of your development cycle process has never been easier. Keep everyone in sync right from Jira and avoid all the hassles of email chains and endless IMs. Enjoy full source code traceability all at your fingertips.

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Track code changes in Jira issues for Subversion, ...