Ross Rowe has developed over half a dozen plugins for Atlassian products, including several for Bamboo, such as the Cobetura Plugin and NAnt Builder Plugin. That’s fine, you say, but how can you learn more? Or better yet, how can you start to make your own plugins? Start by tuning into the webinar we did last month with Ross where he demos some of the tools he built and gives tips for other developers.
You won’t be alone, either. A little known fact: More than 250 people have contributed to the Atlassian Developer Community, resulting in more than 400 plugins, the vast majority of which are free. But as Bill pointed out, you could also consider quitting your day job to start your own company dedicated to building extensions to Atlassian products. 🙂
Already part of our developer community? Let us know if you’d like to be featured in the next Plugin of the Month to show off your work!

All our webinars are archived on AtlassianTV.

Cobetura Plugin, NAnt Builder, and more Plugins