For the last few weeks, Gianugo Rabellino with our Italian partner SourceSense, has been excitedly emailing us about some BIG news. Today at last they are able to finally announce it: clustering support for Jira.

Sourcesense is proud to announce the first beta of Scarlet, a clustering solution for Atlassian Jira bringing high-availability and scalability to the award-winning Jira issue tracker. The solution is based on Terracotta DSO, the Open Source clustering framework from Terracotta enabling easy and trasparent scalable Java solutions…. Scarlet is distributed as an Open Source extension to Jira under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

This is great news for Jira customers that are approaching, or well-into supporting, hundreds of thousands of issues and thousands of users. This solution is based on Terracotta DSO, an open source clustering solution that allows to cluster complex Java-based solutions with little effort.
To download the beta extension, visit our Jira plugin pages.
Or read Gianugo’s blog post, Supersizing Jira.

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