This is a guest blog post from Tim Madewell, SVP of Services at Innotas, a sponsor at Atlassian Summit 2012.

Here at Innotas, we have spoken to a number of customers and prospect who have mentioned having a corporate or IT-driven “cloud initiative.” Upon hearing this, we’ve reflected on the rapid change of cloud solutions from the early adopters and point solutions to broader acceptance of cloud solutions within enterprise IT.

We now see purpose-driven initiatives toward cloud solutions for the enterprise. Cloud software for the enterprise has rapidly matured and gained acceptance, which is exciting and validates how we’ve built our business model. So it comes as no surprise to us that we see increasing demand for cloud integration.We have witnessed enterprises becoming more thoughtful toward integration and interoperability in their evaluation of cloud solutions, recognizing the need to have ubiquitous access to their data. This is especially true when more enterprise systems are moving to the cloud. Data access should make no difference in a cloud-to-premise, cloud-to-cloud, or any other hybrid model. Additionally, rigid system integrations are giving way to loosely coupled integrations that share data and enrich applications from other data sources. Check out the link below to learn more about how cloud with solutions have introduced new platforms and how Innotas has been able to integrate with Atlassian’s Jira, with the goal of bringing work activity back to the enterprise project and application portfolio. And whichever cloud-based solution companies choose, Jira is the ideal companion for helping companies track, manage and assign issues and tasks that come up in business.

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