Whether you’re deep into CI or just getting started, planning for scale should always be considered. So today we’re excited to announce Bamboo 5.7 with new features to help you manage your servers as you scale up CI.

Expiry has been extended to Deployments

The biggest benefit to using a CI system is how frequently you can build and deploy your applications.  Of course, over time many artifacts, results, and logs are created that build up and become a space hog on your servers. Bamboo has helped you manage your server space with Build Expiry but artifacts and logs would still be kept on your server if you were using them in deployments. In Bamboo 5.7 we have extended the Expiry settings to include deployments.

Deployment Expiry

You can now simply configure when data needs to be expired and you can decide how many releases need to be kept for rollbacks. Of course you can still use labels will builds that need to be kept indefinitely on your instance.

Jump to plans and branches with Quick Search

As you scale your use of CI, the number of builds and deployments you are working on can grow quickly. We see this ourselves. All 600 of our developers use a branch-per-issue workflow with Jira, Stash and Bamboo to automatically generates a new branch builds and deployment jobs several times a week. That’s a lot of builds!

Now, with Quick Search you can easily find the plans, branches and deployments you need–when you need them. Simply start typing the name within the field at the top right of the screen and select from the drop down menu that appears.

Quick Search

Use Docker to run your agents

A Bamboo server can be run using one or more remote build agents to execute jobs in parallel. Since jobs can have different requirements, we wanted to provide an option that simplifies how you create and manage your build agents and that’s where Docker came in.

As an open platform for distributed applications, Docker lets you define everything needed to run your builds including the OS, database, environment variables, and start/stop scripts in a text file so the image can be re-used. With Docker, you can also run multiple remote agents on the same host without conflicting requirements.

To get you started, we have provided a few base agent Docker images for Bamboo 5.6 and beyond on the Docker Hub you can be customize for your jobs.

We’re thrilled to continue the theme of scalable CI that we started with Bamboo 5.6, and hope you’re as excited as we are. Bamboo Cloud users will be automatically upgraded to 5.7 on November 17th. Bamboo Server customers can download your distribution of choice right now.

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