This is a guest post by Chris Kohlhardt from Gliffy. Announced at Atlassian Summit 2010, the latest release of the web-based diagram editor plugin allows you to seamlessly create diagrams in your wiki pages. This post will describe the different features of new release accompanied by screenshots.

Have you been looking for an online diagramming tool that allows you to collaborate with others in your enterprise wiki? Well, your search is over. Get rid of Visio and take a look at Gliffy, the best web-based diagram editor for Confluence.

Gliffy 3.0 Feature Overview

In case you missed it, Gliffy won the Launchpad Event at the Atlassian Summit after the Gliffy Pirates showed off the latest features shipped in Gliffy 3.0.

Gliffy 3.0 includes a treasure trove of new features that makes it faster and easier to create diagrams. The treasure map, fittingly created with Gliffy, highlights those new features that we’ll dig deeper into with this post.


Templates – Get started in seconds

With a bundle of pre-built templates, you can get started creating a professional diagram in seconds. Gliffy 3.0 even lets you choose an existing diagram that was previously added to Confluence to use as a template. Copying someone else’s slick flow chart in your Confluence intranet could not be easier.


New Shapes – Sitemaps, Venn and improved Flowchart shapes

If you are using Confluence for documentation, your docs can now be more engaging with new symbol libraries help make your diagrams look better than ever!


XML Import / Export – Share diagrams between Jira and Confluence

It’s now possible to export Gliffy diagrams in an XML format that can be saved to your desktop, shared, or imported in other Gliffy products such as the Gliffy Jira Plugin or Gliffy Online. If you create a UI wireframe in Confluence, getting it into your bug tracker, Jira, is now a painless process.


Drawing Guides – Shape alignment made easy

When drawing guides are turned on, it’s really easy to line shapes up with other shapes as you draw. This might be the biggest time saver of all!


Try Gliffy 3.0 now!

Do you like what you see? Give Gliffy a try on the Confluence Sandbox, or ask you system administrator to install the Gliffy Confluence Plugin in your Confluence installation today!

Get started with Gliffy and Confluence with our $10 Starter license Program!

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