Charlie Awards.jpgWe announced the Charlie Award winners at Summit 2009. Amid some fancy schmancy animations that had a passing resemblance to the Oscar graphic treatments (see Charlie’s graphic right) our own Hugh Jackman Jay Simons took the stage to announce the winners of this year’s awards.
We were blown away by the good submissions, the fascinating uses of our products in so many different industries, and it was hard to pick just one winner for each of the categories.
With that, the winners are…
The “Not just another wiki” Award: Best use of Confluence
SUN Microsystems, Peter Reiser
What they did: SunSpace is a complete enterprise social platform, serving 25,000 SUN employees (and maybe soon 75,000 Oracle ones), completely built on Confluence, with the help of Adaptavist Community Bubbles.
sunspace submission.jpg
The “Bugs, what Bugs” Award: Best use of Jira
Regal-Beloit, Tom Digate
What they did: “Growth Deck”, a sales opportunity classification system. Plan to combine with Confluence to build a mini-CRM. Used by the CEO, COO and P&L teams.
Menage a trois Award: Best use of 3 or more Atlassian Tools
Attivio, Rik Tamm-Daniels
What they did: agile platform combining Confluence, Jira, and Bamboo. Automatically build javadoc wiki space by scanning JavaDoc; fancy issue assignment in Jira to create different parallel backlogs for business and tech; ant-based system/installation test infrastructure powered by Bamboo.
attivio submission.png
The X-files Award: Wackiest use of an Atlassian tool
Cisco, Kyle Korner
What they did: iZone, a Confluence-based idea management system, complete with “idea challenges”. Uses seven plugins, including Scaffold, linking, add-label, rate and more.
Hacker Award: Best use of a plugin(s)
No entrants for this award… maybe next year!
Only one of the award winners above was present at the time the awards were handed out, so we have some trophies to mail out to the other winners.
We will announce the awards again next year on this blog.

Charlie Award winners