While visiting our Sydney office this week, I had some time to grab a coffee with with Pete Moore, one of the founders of Cenqua, and Bruce, his terrier (who spent his time charming everyone that walked past us in the café). We chatted about how Cenqua’s development team use Jira for tracking software issues. “Jira’s UI is a whole lot better than what you find out there with other bug trackers, it seems like the Jira team put more than cursory thought into how issue tracking should work.” Pete said their favourite aspects of Jira include its configurability, solid APIs, and fast and easy search capabilities.
For those who aren’t familiar with Cenqua, they offer some terrific development tools including Clover for code analysis of unit tests, Fisheye for a view and reporting of source repositories, and a new product, Crucible, for workflow around code review. There’s a free Fisheye plugin available for Jira users that the Cenqua developers had built for the Codegeist competition, it displays related Fisheye repository commits in Jira.

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