5 days left to trade-in your clunky collaboration method

Our second Cash For Clunkers program has been humming along quietly over the past month. With only 5 days left it seems apt that we provide an update on what the collaboration trade-in scene is looking like.

We’re not just dishing out 20% discounts or free 10-user Confluence licenses for trade-ins, we’re also giving four lucky creative people a $1,000 donation to a charity of their choosing and their very own Amazon Kindle (sorry no Apple Slate yet).

The collaboration trade-in scene

With our offer of a free 10-user license for any collaboration trade-in, it comes as no surprise that we’ve seen a big movement away from free open source tools like MediaWiki. A full 25% of trade-ins are replacing ad-hoc collaboration solutions like email clients, mailing lists and various Google Apps. The CFC 20% discount, coupled with our SharePoint Connector appear to also be providing teams with the right incentives to act decisively to add pragmatic wiki functionality to compliment and/or replace existing SharePoint installations.


Why are people trading in their collaboration methods?

Email: “It’s really hard to share knowledge effectively with my team”. “The hassle of emailing documents over and over”.
MediaWiki: “Limited security functionality”.”It’s so ugly nobody wanted to use it.” “Intimidating technical interface”. “Poor search feature, poor formatting, old fashioned UI. Clunky to use. All of which results in not much use.”
Dokuwiki: “I would rather be back in uniform and walking into combat than continue to use Dokuwiki.” “It is free but that doesn’t guarantee freedom and control at any level.”
Google Docs: “Although Google Docs is free it is not without a price. The main price is in the form of user frustration. It is not intuitive and the users don’t feel comfortable using it.”
Mailing Lists: “Information is both fleeting and ultimately unsearchable.” “[The] mail list program is reliable but is just a forwarding device with no “ownership” or true collaboration space of its own. Emails only leaves us with what I call the spaghetti-mess of information sharing.”

Save a friend from clunky collaboration.

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