Headquartered: Gomel, Belarus
Founded: 2010
Employees: 5
Add-ons developed: 13

StiltSoft developed one of the first add-ons for Atlassian Stash. Their first add-on,  Awesome Graphs for Stash, hit a home run with over 2200 downloads to date. We reached out to Maxim Kuzmich at StiltSoft to ask him about StiltSofts experience with developing add-ons for Stash.

The Interview

How long have you been developing add-ons for Atlassian products?

We have been developing Atlassian add-ons for 3 years. Our first public plugin was the Table Filter for Confluence, which is still alive and asked by users. Then we developed the InPlace Editor and Talk both for Confluence and started making add-ons for Jira and Bamboo.

Who are your customers?

It’s hard to say definitely. Half of our time we’re working on custom projects for our clients and the second half we spend for developing our commercial and free add-ons.

What is your favourite creation?

We adore our Talk add-on for Confluence because it saves a lot of our time. And of course our newest Awesome Graphs for Stash.

Why did you decide to write Awesome Graphs?

We started writing Awesome Graphs in order to present it at Atlassian Codegeist 2012. We couldn’t miss this competition and decided to implement a feature that Stash lacks in our opinion. It seems we hit the bull’s eye — this add-on is really asked for on the Marketplace.

How was it to get started? 

It was pretty easy to start because of our existing knowledge collected during making of previous products and projects. Initially we felt some lack of documentation, but it was completely compensated by the neat source code of Stash 🙂 And we are glad to see that the quality of the documentation has improved since.

What did you like most about Stash’s plugin system?

The idea of developing the REST API at the same time as the core functionality is very good. It allows developers to start cracking with Stash in no time.

Are there any parts that positively surprised you? 

It’s cool to see Stash is build on top of modern technologies — Google closure library, Backbone.js, LESS. Also the speed of Stash development should be mentioned. It’s really fast!

(Case Study) Stash Add-on Developer Experience – StiltSoft