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  • Company: Resume Companion
  • Founded: 2009
  • HQ: Maryland
  • Employees: 18
  • Products: Jira OnDemand
  • with Jira,GreenHopper,
  • Bamboo and Confluence

Atlassian gets extremely excited when we receive unsolicited praise. I jumped at the chance to followup with a customer who submitted a really nice note on our public feedback form. It’s not everyday that a customer will come forward and share their story. On the form, the customer mentioned “During our growth we have found Atlassian to be of significance in our development and ability to manage repositories.”

They then went on to attribute their success to using our products. I just had to reach out to Joe Flanagan, Campaign Director at Resume Companion, to learn more about their success and how Atlassian helped achieve it.

It turns out Resume Companion is a leading online resume building company with over 650,000 registered users and over 8 million resumes created to date. Their site receives over 600K+ unique visitors every month and well over 4 MM monthly page views. Resume Companion also provides 1500+ resume samples and templates, career advice, interview tips, and resume resources. They weren’t shy in letting us know that they think part of this success is due to the use of Atlassian OnDemand.

The Resume Companion Team is: Joe Flanagan (Campaign Director), Howard Chai (Managing Director), Joshua Moore (Director of Engineering), Keriel (Customer Service), Juan (Customer Service Manager)

What objectives did you have with Atlassian OnDemand?

We were looking for hosted software to manage all of our development team’s tasks, and work that would basically be contained in one system. We needed something we could use to handle documentation, running automated tests, bug tracking, and feature management. Since moving to Atlassian, we have gathered a better understanding of work that is currently being performed, in addition to upcoming work. It is also much clearer what work is in which release.

What issue tracker did you use before?

Pivotal Tracker. Jira is a more suitable issue tracker for both web developers and product managers, which provides better project management and release management functionality. We use GreenHopper for the master board, which makes it much easier to explain to the CEO what the development team is working on, and what we will be working on next. The visual interface on the agile project management software is very nice and enhances productivity of developers. In addition, it is easier for me (as development leader) to know what each team member is working on at any given time.

What advice would you provide to someone who is considering using Atlassian OnDemand?

Try it, compare it, then you will love it! If you are looking for an integrated product with good project management features, then check it out. You’ll never miss a deadline again and productivity will increase. Also, do not spend too much time configuring it upfront — configure what you need as you go. We’d also recommend you read the easy-to-read, in-depth user guide which Atlassian provides, and you will get a handle of things within minutes.


Thanks Joe Flanagan and the rest of the Resume Companion team for sharing your story with us!

(Case Study) Over 8 Million Resumes with Atlassian’s Hosted Development Suite