The first step of any trip is getting there. To make trip planning painless, Orbitz Worldwide – a leading online travel site operating in more than 180 countries – offers easy-to-use online travel booking for flights, hotels, and other travel services. Orbitz generates more than $11 billion in travel transactions annually. That means that for every second Orbitz’s website is down, hundreds of dollars are lost. It’s the Orbitz team’s utmost priority to ensure everything stays up and running at all times.

To keep track of everything, developers at Orbitz use Jira, our issue management software used by more than 23,000 teams worldwide – as well as Confluence, our team collaboration platform.

“The Atlassian tools we’re using are actually probably our favorite tools internally.” – Alex Holtz

Orbitz has over 40 feature teams, all of which work on pretty much the same code base. Previously, developers used a centralized version control system, but it wasn’t scaling. With offices all across the world – in Israel, Australia, and Great Britain –  they needed to scale globally without compromising innovation of individuals and teams throughout the globe. They decided to make the switch to Git. Git allows developers to branch and merge flexibly – and removes the massive overhead of merging code.

image2014-4-7 13-42-9“The number of people developing code to the number of people who deploy code is probably a 50:1 ratio, and so when you have all these people waiting for a person to do something, that really slows them down.”

– Steve Hoffman, Principle Engineer, Orbitz

“Right in the middle of our migration to Git, Atlassian announced Stash, Atlassian’s behind-the-firewall enterprise git repo management solution,” says Alex Holtz, senior software engineer. “We installed an instance of Stash that same day, and I would say within about a week we were pretty sure we were gonna switch.”

Now, Orbitz developers store Git in Stash. “Switching to Git was one of the best technology changes we’ve recently made,” said Holtz. “Git has allowed us to release an avalanche of tool improvements and increase automation across all our systems, improve developer satisfaction and collaboration and decrease our build times by more than 20 percent.” It’s already saved Orbitz hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Case study + video


image2014-4-7 13-37-1“The integration between Jira and Stash was beautiful, incredibly simple and easy – it literally took five minutes to integrate the two!”

– Alex Holtz, Senior Software Engineer, Orbitz


Jira is available now for a free trial, OnDemand or download. Pricing starts at just $10 for 10 users. Start a free trial today.

Learn more about Stash & Atlassian’s Git offerings on our on our Git Essentials page.

Case study: How Orbitz migrated to Git...