image2014-4-24 11-11-6Audi is a German automobile manufacturer known for its luxury designs. Audi’s company ethos is “Vorsprung durch technik” or “Progress through technology.” 

Audi has a goal: to become the world’s number one automobile manufacturer in the premium segment by 2020. To get there, they’re using Jira and Confluence.

Audi employs thousands of engineers, designers, software developers, and QA teams across the world. But while Audi’s offices span the globe, its main research and development (R&D) centers are both based in Germany. R&D centers in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm hold over 6,000 employees.

Audi’s company ethos is
“Vorsprung durch technik,” or
“Progress through technology.”

Jira adoption at the Audi R&D centers grew organically, says Business Analyst Martin Binder. A few engineering teams began using Jira and grew. At one point, there were 20-30 different instances dotted around different teams. In 2007, Audi R&D centralized its system around two Atlassian tools: Jira for issue tracking and Confluence for knowledge management.

Now, both Jira and Confluence are used to support all teams and their projects – regardless if they are car, car software, or business software related. At the road testing facility, testers log car software bugs into Jira during test drives. Off the track, teams use Confluence to store documentation, department protocols, meeting notes, and policies.

Jira and Confluence help Audi stay efficient and transparent, so they can focus on shaking up the automobile industry.

“By supporting the main development process and systems, Jira and Confluence have had a strong positive impact on every car leaving our manufacturing center.”

– Florian Banzer and Martin Binder, business analysts at AUDI AG.

Case study

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Case study: How Audi builds luxury vehicles with Jira