If you’re working on an innovative project that uses social media technology to advance social change, then this is for you:

In May 2007, 350 members of the NetSquared community are invited to the Cisco campus to participate in accelerating 20 great projects that utilize the technologies, tools and communities of the social web to create societal impact in a sustainable fashion. We will accelerate these projects by providing cash awards from the newly created Technology Innovation Fund and by connecting them with funders, developers, nonprofit technology assistance providers, and other people and organizations that can help the projects attain the next level.

This is an especially worthwhile event because it recognizes how hard non-profits work to build community, loyalty and support, often with little in the way of resources. Technology has immense potential to make non-profits’ work easier, but it still requires support to help them use it most effectively, and that’s what NetSquared aims to do.
When I read the description of this year’s conference, I realized that NetSquared is loosely applying the model of startups meeting with venture capitalists to pitch their ideas, except in this case the startups aren’t looking to go public or be acquired by a tech titan, and the venture capitalists aren’t looking for their investments to be returned in dollars.
Project nominations are being accepted until April 6th, and from April 9-14 voting will take place. The 20 projects with the most votes will receive an all-expense paid invitation for two representatives to the NetSquared Conference. Information on project proposals, nominations, and guidelines is here.

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