James at Saikore, one of our reseller partners, has developed a fully-functional Business Development wiki on Confluence. Basically, it’s an example of another way companies can utilize a wiki.
Stealing some verbiage from Saikore’s blog, functionality featured in the site includes:

  • Standard Wiki features, such as simple editing, page history, page notifications etc.
  • Enterprise Wiki features, such as full search, rigorous permissions and a slick interface.
  • A home page view with news, recent changes and a graph of real time sales data.
  • Pragmatic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
  • Template driven sales reports with automated sales metadata
  • Areas for collaboratively developing projects, plans, proposals and tenders.
  • Handy hints throughout the site for more functional explanations

The sample site uses a slightly modified standard theme that ships with Confluence. They’ve also created a more custom theme for their website (and speaking of that, his previous blog was on the use of wikis for website content management). Thanks for the heads up on the sample sites, James.

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