Earlier this week we shared the benefits of using Confluence if you’re on the management team. We want to give some more love to our managers and business users, with this guest post by Martin Cleaver, Director at Comalatech, showing how easily you can create business frameworks in Confluence using Ad hoc Canvas.

Business Frameworks the Wiki Way, with Ad hoc Canvas

Flick through just about any book on business & management from the last four decades and you can’t help but notice the use of frameworks. Frameworks are used throughout organizations to visualize concepts and their relationships. Most often these are block diagrams, frequently 2×2 matrices. Frameworks drive home particular perspectives and form the core content of many management PowerPoint presentations. Well now you can bring frameworks into your wiki!

In our last post, we showed how Ad hoc Canvas can visualize and organize Confluence content using Lists and Boards. In this post we’ll show how Ad hoc Canvas makes it easy to:

  1. Apply packaged frameworks and
  2. Construct frameworks of your own

Applying Frameworks in Confluence

In Ad hoc Canvas we implement frameworks through Boards and Lists. Our approach populates frameworks using pages, and defines their relationships through labels. Some packaged ones are show below, others you can build, Ad hoc.

Risk Management Matrix

We have bundled a Risk Management Matrix board you can use in Confluence to assess and prioritize risks.

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System Architecture

Ad hoc Canvas allows users to create their own boards to model Architecture frameworks. It also makes it super easy to populate and categorize them – just drag a page to the section you want.

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Similar boards can be created for Business Architecture, Information Architecture, and Technology Architecture frameworks.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a one page blueprint that describes how an organization operates, the logic by which it breaks into a market and how it can sustain itself. These have become integral in the startup and MBA communities.

There have been many stand-alone tools made for creating these models, but Ad hoc Canvas is the simplest and most effective tool for creating and evolving your business model.

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Credit: p. 47. Business Model Generation – Osterwalder & Pigner – 2010.

Combining Frameworks

Our tool will work for Strategy Frameworks, Business Concept Ideation, or any other single model. But, its game-changing potential lies in the ability to draw together all of these perspectives rather than only using one.

Ad hoc Canvas provides a simple solution for you to store all your frameworks in one place – where they can be blended, manipulated and used by your entire organization. Now your frameworks are in one place and secure on your own server.

Take a Quick Look!

Take a glance at one of our short videos. In less than 2 minutes you’ll see what Ad hoc Canvas can do for you.

Find Out For Yourself

Try it today! Install Ad hoc Canvas in a single-click you and see why it’s the Confluence add-on you’ve been looking for to landscape your wiki and build Business Frameworks.


Business Frameworks with Ad hoc Canvas...