This is a guest blog post from Lars Broden of LB Consulting Group the maker of Bulk Clone Professional.

Jira is a tool that enables development teams to plan and build amazing projects. When I began to use Jira in my everyday work, one of the features I used frequently was the cloning function. I quickly realized I would be able to save a lot of time if I had the ability to clone multiple issues in one go.

In order to increase efficiency, we decided to develop Bulk Clone Basic, which is available for free. The add-on quickly grew in popularity. As the number of feature requests increased and became more complex, we made the decision to take our product one step further and develop a commercial product with a more advanced feature set.

We put our efforts toward building Bulk Clone Professional, and in February, we launched our add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace.

A new way to clone issues

Bulk Clone Professional is for Jira power-users who manually clone multiple issues and move them to various Jira projects. Our add-on simplifies that process and eliminates the pain of cloning issues individually. In the new feature set, it’s now possible to bulk move within the bulk clone operation. Additionally, you can link relationships, attachments, subtasks, and set your own unique label to identify your cloned set.

The resulting Bulk Clone Pro offering is extremely versatile and allows users to customize cloning operations.


BulkClone and BulkMove_2048x898


Here are a few use cases for our product to help maximize organizational efficiency:

  • Template requirements
  • Standard test cases
  • Template tickets
  • Production bugs
  • Ideas/improvements
  • Change requests

Previously, all of these issues were consumed in backlogs of various teams, but our product allows for standardization and reuse as development and maintenance is planned and conducted.

Differences between the Basic and Pro versions of Bulk Clone:


Feature Basic  Pro 
Clone issues from multiple source projects No Yes
Clone issues to multiple target projects (including a bulk move in the cloning operation) No Yes
Clone subtasks Yes Yes
Clone labels Yes Yes
Set unique labels for cloned set Yes Yes
Clone attachments Yes Yes
Clone historical links Yes Yes
Establish “Clone Link” relationship between source & target issues Yes Yes
Set optional output values for certain standard fields like “assignee” on cloned set No Yes
Transform content of issue types from one issue type to another in cloned set No Yes
Ability to choose unlimited targeted project(s) for cloned set No Yes
Integrated with Jira’s bulk operations (Bulk Move, Bulk Edit, etc.) No Yes
Adopting Jira user management privileges for Bulk Move & permission schemes No Yes
Transaction secure – at disruptions, batch is rolled back, otherwise committed No Yes
Ability to clone multiple issue types from multiple projects into multiple target projects with multiple/different issue types No Yes
Step-by-step wizard guides the user through the cloning process No Yes
Cloning can be based on using JQL statements in “Search for issues” menu in Jira No Yes
Support 9-17, five days a week No Yes


With Bulk Clone Professional, teams using Jira will save time by cloning issues even faster.

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