Not anymore at Trulia. “The days of managing work items with sticky notes and a bunch of fragmented tools are long gone,” says Nate Van Dusen, Trulia’s Engineering Program Management Director.

Like so many companies, Trulia’s success and growth meant they had to adapt to meet new challenges to stay successful. What they wanted was a tool that could provide visibility at every level of the organization. They wanted the ability to understand each project’s status in detail, and an easy, reliable way to keep everyone on the same page.

Enter: Atlassian.

“You can’t deliver a quality product at this scale without having tools like the Atlassian suite.”

Trulia found the “single source of truth” they were seeking by consolidating their platform on Atlassian products. They now use Jira, Jira Agile, Stash, and Confluence to:

  • Efficiently scale their agile practices, especially across distributed teams
  • Provide the same accurate, up-to-date info to their entire engineering and software teams
  • Enable team members to spend more time where they’re happy and productive, i.e. developers in Stash, project managers in Confluence, dev managers in Jira

“Jira is instrumental in building and maintaining the best software on the market.” -Daniele Farnedi, Trulia CTO

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