This is a guest post by Eric Chiang, Plugins Product Lead at Gliffy, which is a Confluence plugin that allows you to create stunning collaborative flow charts and diagrams in Confluence pages. This is the third and final post of a three-part blog series that details how you can use Gliffy to add impressive visual diagrams to your intranet, technical documentation, or knowledge base.


The past two weeks we’ve introduced you to some of the killer features that make Gliffy the perfect solution for creating rich and dynamic diagrams in your Confluence pages. Last week we talked about how we use Gliffy for our technical documentation. This week I’d like to focus on how we use Gliffy to detail our support processes in our knowledge base, how diagrams are searchable and how easily you can link to other pages within diagrams.

Create Process Flow Diagrams in Your Knowledge Base

People that have heard of Gliffy know that we’re a diagram editor akin to Microsoft Visio, but not many people know that we have several different products. Gliffy exists in Confluence, Jira, OnDemand, and also our own SaaS offering. Each product has its own implementation details and thus, have different support processes tied to them. We document these procedures using Gliffy by creating process flows in Confluence. Besides wanting to “dog food” our own product, there are excellent reasons to do this beyond the standard benefits you get from using Confluence and expressing your ideas visually – your diagrams are always current, versioned, and editable and searchable by everyone.

Find Diagrams Faster with Search

Text within Gliffy diagrams is indexed by Confluence, and therefore Gliffy diagrams will appear in Confluence search results. For us, that means we can search a support topic and if there is a match, a relevant process flow diagram will appear in the search results.

Link Your Diagrams to Other Content

Best of all, Gliffy diagrams aren’t just static images, they can contain links to Confluence  content – pages, blogs, attachments, people –  or even to an external URL.

We make liberal use of this in our process flows to link to sub-process flows found in other spaces and also to supporting documentation found on Atlassian’s website.

I hope these last few weeks have been helpful in demonstrating how you can use Gliffy as a powerful complement to Confluence!

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