In the short few months Atlassian Bonfire has been available, it’s clear to see it’s already having a huge impact on the way we work here at Atlassian. And this doesn’t just apply to how our agile development teams focus on quality or execute session-based testing, Bonfire has changed the way many people work within our extended technical teams.

Everyone, from the product managers to the marketing team to the front line customer service teams, are finding Bonfire incredibly valuable for instant issue creation.

Visual Website Changes

As a member of the product marketing team, I’m responsible for many of the changes you see on the Atlassian website. Although we have a content management system for most content, there are always cases where I need some help from our Website Task Force (WTF) with design elements or coding changes. In these situations, it’s always challenging to articulate exactly what you need to change using just plain text, and a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

That’s where Bonfire comes in. For example, now that the Bonfire introductory pricing of 40% off is ending, I’ll need to update a couple of pages the website. In the past, I’d file a ticket with a meticulously detailed list of bullets for each and every change… almost guaranteed to require further explanation at some point.


Now I just use Bonfire (above) to snap a screenshot and note all the changes directly on the image. 

I can add a screenshot for each page with all of the changes clearly outline in Jira for our WTF team to fix quickly:


And Bonfire is not just for the marketing team, anyone in the company who has a suggestion for improvement or spots the rare typo can quickly submit an issue with all the necessary details.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Bonfire is great for quickly capturing multiple issues in rapid successionEdwin, our product manager for Bonfire, uses the Bonfire browser extension to capture feature requests and improvements when speaking with customers on the phone or via email.


Edwin simply hits the Bonfire button in his browser to quickly jot down customer feedback on the fly.

Pre-defined templates fill in key fields like the affects version, relevant labels, and a simple line indicating “- Created by Bonfire”. 

If feedback is from an email, the “selectedText” variable drop any highlighted text into the issue.

What do you use Bonfire for?

I’m sure plenty of you have found interesting ways to take advantage of Bonfire’s instant issue creation. Comment below and let us know how you use Bonfire.

Get Bonfire Today!

If you have not tried out Atlassian Bonfire yet, I highly recommend giving it a spin. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to rapidly create detailed issues in Jira.


Instant issue creation with Atlassian Bonfire