Atlassian Bonfire makes it easy to create Jira issues without ever leaving your browser tab. Chances are you probably create similar issues often, and you know how painstaking the repetitive data entry can be. This is especially true if you have Jira set up a certain way – like working with a specific project or component, referring to a set of saved searches and dashboards all the time, or using labels to categorize issues.

Thankfully, using Bonfire ensures no details is missed and new issues show up in the right places for you and your team.

Pre-Populate What’s Important

Bonfire templates populate fields with the correct issue types, labels, components or other details you need. Set up templates for the issues you or your team create most often, and you’ll never have to input repetitive data again.

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Save Time, Eliminate Risk

Create a Bonfire template in less time than it takes to create a single issue.  Once setup, Bonfire templates cut your issue creation time down significantly, saving you valuable minutes or even hours of time saved every week.

Templates also reduce the human error factor to zero: a typo in a label or a missed field selection might mean an important issue doesn’t get on the right persons radar, but Bonfire templates eliminate that risk.

Share Templates with Everyone

Beyond bug reports, team leads and managers triage lots of general tasks in order to plan and assign work. If people from across the organization are sending work your way, they may not have the deep knowledge the process your team has setup for current projects – nor do they have time to keep up! Save people on other teams time and effort by sharing templates for the issues they create for you, and more importantly ensure no details are missed. Issues will auto-magically show up in the right place, filtered just the way you want them, and you won’t need to ‘clean up’ things that other people assign to your team.

Teams and projects naturally evolve and issue creation requirements change. As the owner of a shared template, make any changes you like, and the template will update for everyone using it! Other people won’t need to worry about finding ‘the new process’ your team has in place, and you won’t need to send out a memo about the new way to fill out TPS reports.

Try Bonfire 2

Bonfire is a must-have for anyone who creates Jira issues. Upgrade to Bonfire 2 to take advantage of the great new features. If you haven’t tried Bonfire yet, start a free 30-day trial today!

Simply look for Bonfire in your Jira Plugin Manager or click the button below.

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