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The Bonfire Team has just released Bonfire 2.6 and it has a killer feature that will particularly excite teams testing native applications. If you are testing a Windows, Mac or Linux desktop application try the following and let us know if it solves your native application testing needs:

1) Get the image

Mac, Windows and Linux have keyboard shortcuts that allow you to capture a screenshot of either the whole desktop or the active window. On Mac OS X use Cmd+Shift+Ctrl+4. Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) use Alt+Print Screen.

This will place the image on your clipboard.

Note: you could also use this for testing Flash based web applications.

2) Paste into Bonfire

Once you have the image of your native application on your clipboard you can switch back to Bonfire in your browser of choice – Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox – and use the ‘Paste Image’ option.

3) Annotate

Bonfire 2.6 also has another neat feature, you can now annotate any and all screenshots attached to an issue. Regardless of where the image came from – browser extension, adding an image from your desktop, or pasting the image as per above – you can then annotate the image.

4) Create the issue

Of course once you have annotated the image to point out the necessary information it is only one click to create the issue.


We believe this speeds the bug creation process for teams that focus their energy on testing native applications. Of course, we would love to get your thoughts on this workflow and learn how much time it saves you and your team, so please let us know in the comments below.

This was just one highlight of Bonfire 2.6, for the full details see the Bonfire 2.6 Release Notes.

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The Bonfire Team

Note: Bonfire 2.6 is coming to OnDemand customers in November.

Bonfire 2.6 – Add images of native apps