The Bonfire team has delivered some awesome features recently for any team that is conducing exploratory testing. With the release of Bonfire 2.2 we’ve made issue creation easier for other people in the organisation, the technical writers, product owners, designers and managers.

With the Bonfire 2.2 release we are proud to introduce some great features that everyone who creates issues in Jira will love.

Only Show Selected Fields in Templates

Create a Bonfire template that only includes the fields you really care about.

Only want to see the Summary and Component fields? Hide all of the other fields in the template and only show those two fields.

Contextual Browser Information

Bonfire users commonly include dynamic variables to capture the URL and browser information at the time of issue creation. Bonfire now captures all of this information by default so you no longer need to specify dynamic variables in the the Environment field when creating an issue or in a template.

Third-Party Custom Fields

We now support third-party custom fields, yay! For instance, if you use Tempo for time tracking and customer billing you can now create an issue through Bonfire and capture the correct Tempo Customer Account.

Specify Template for Test Session

Test teams love using templates to speed the creation of issues during test sessions. You only want to capture the information required to reproduce a bug – anything else is noise.

The test coordinator can now specify the template that everyone participating in the test session should use. Participants in the test session will have this template selected for them automatically when they join the test session.

Bonfire 2.2 is a great leap forward for everyone in the team – from testers and developers to product owners, technical writers and managers.

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Note: Atlassian OnDemand customers will be upgraded to Bonfire 2.2 on June 25.

Bonfire 2.2 – Better Issue Creation for All