Atlassian Bonfire 1.7 is here with the highest voted feature request in Bonfire’s short history: sharable templates! Sharable templates are just one more way Bonfire empowers teams who test. Read on to learn more about the exciting new features Bonfire 1.7 brings for exploratory testing within teams.

Share & Favorite Templates

Templates speed up data entry and ensure quality, consistent bug reports by pre-populating repetitive data and giving context and structure to whomever is reporting bugs. Bonfire 1.7 introduces the ability to share templates you create with the rest of your team, and to use templates created by anyone else – so teams can standardize on the ones that fit best for each project.

With a large number of shared templates now available to everyone on your team, we’ve also added the ability to ‘favorite‘ templates, so you can narrow your view to a subset of templates when creating issues.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone else involved had the framework to create proper issues – appropriate notes, steps to reproduce, and everything else your developers need to fix a bug quickly? Shared and favorite templates means developers, managers, designers, and anybody exploring your web app has the tools they need to create quality bug reports, preventing other testers from having to ‘clean up’ issues later on.

Browser Extension Improvements

Managers and developers might be more interested in test session activity at a high level, but testers themselves live in the browser – testing web apps and creating bug reports with Bonfire browser extensions, without ever changing tabs. Bonfire 1.7 introduces several enhancements to the browser extensions with the individual tester in mind.

  • Resolve tags in the extension: Tags make it easy to flag assumptions, ideas, questions and follow-ups. Now you can check them off without changing browser tabs.
  • Autocomplete issue picker: when adding a new screenshot, just start typing to see a list of issues where you can attach it.
  • Assign to me: if you know you’re going to be the first one looking at this issue later, go ahead and assign it straight to yourself.

Bonfire 1.7 is the best way to get everyone involved, working together, and on the same page while testing your web app. Upgrade to Bonfire 1.7, or get Bonfire today!

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