There have been many product updates in the last couple weeks. In case you missed the announcements, here’s a roundup of the product releases and other blog posts from around the Atlassian blog network.

Whether it’s the launch of Confluence 3.4, the many features of Jira Studio 2.3, or the public beta of Bamboo 2.7, there’s heaps of tools to try out. We offer 30-day free trials of everything we sell.

Let’s just say you use your 30-day trial to try out Jira, GreenHopper and Bamboo. You’ve integrated them together for maximum productivity. Now, if you’re anything like the devs at Atlassian, you’re going to want to measure your team’s progress and uncover roadblocks in real time. Enter the Jira Wallboards plugin, which gathers the data from our tools into information radiators that can be displayed as a dashboard on a monitor for the entire team to watch.

Plugins? How do I find plugins for Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and other Atlassian products? Today you can scan the list of 500+ plugins via our plugin repository at Coming soon in every product, the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) will allow you to browse and install plugins from within the applications. Not only is the UPM the easiest way to discover plugins, it also does a fantastic job of helping teams to manage plugin compatibility.

One of the most popular “Plugin of the Month” webinars we’ve run recently is entitled Scaling Agile Through Integration with Jira, and the video of the webinar is now available on-demand.

And these are just some of the fine blog posts you’ll find when skimming through our blogs. You won’t miss a beat when you subscribe to them all.

Heaps of product updates… it’s a biwee...