It’s been more than two weeks since the last roundup, so I might break the rule to share some of the posts that were published earlier. In addition to the Atlassian-centric blogs, there’s a new blog in town and it’s written by a bunch of phreaks… marketing phreaks, that is. Introducing the MarketingPhreaks blog, written by a number of folks on the Atlassian Marketing team.
Jira Studio has “Gone Google”. We wrote a bunch of posts around our announcement that Jira Studio is now integrated with Google Apps. First, there was the announcement on the News Blog, followed by a more in-depth description on the Dev Tools blog and a two part-series on the Developer blog about lessons learned (Part I, Part II). The first customer of the Google Apps/Studio combo? The Startup Bus.
Five Reasons Your Products Need Quarterly Health Checks. A year ago, our product marketing team started creating Health Checks for each of our products. What started out as a credibility building experiment for one team has turned into a standard practice that involves nearly the whole company. Read more.
Atlassian Connectors for Visual Studio and Eclipse – New Betas Available! We’re happy to let you know that we have launched two new exciting betas for our IDE connectors. Read more.
Over 150 game development companies use Atlassian tools. This month, we launched a new mini-site that describes how 150 game development customers are using Atlassian software. We also attended GDC 2010 in San Francisco, where our booth featured Donkey Kong legend, Steve Wiebe. We announced results of our software game development survey. And, finally, we published another case study on gaming company, InstantAction.
Happy reading!

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