For those of you still using Outlook to manage your email (no judgement), things just got a lot better: Jira now integrates with Xobni to let you view updates and edit your issues directly within your inbox.

With the Jira gadget in Xobni you can:

  • View real-time issue status/details without switching to your browser
  • Make inline edits, add comments, transition workflows, and view attachments
  • Handle multiple Jira issue keys/URLs in one email with tabbed browsing
  • Get fully set-up and configured in under 30 seconds

How does it work?

Video from Jira State of the Union at Atlassian Summit 2011.

Why should you care?

Could you ever imagine being excited to open your Outlook? Okay, maybe excited isn’t the right word. How about less overwhelmed? Pleasantly surprised? Neutral? If you spend the majority of each day in your Outlook inbox, trudging through emails, managing project dependencies, and updating team members, the Jira gadget in Xobni will save you valuable time and make your job easier. Let’s face it: you’re probably watching more Jira issues than you can keep up with, your “Follow Up” folder is overflowing, and you can never seem to find the most recent Jira update email you’ve been assigned. Now you could always just switch over to your browser to use Jira, but this eats precious time from your already busy day and can really ruin your flow. Well things just got better. Way better.

Remember how much easier Xobni made it for you to locate contacts, find attachments, track message threads, and generally stay more on top of your projects? (If not, we suggest giving it a try.) Well now you get that same raw power across your Jira issues. Imagine being able to live-edit Jira emails you receive: change a status here, start progress there, even add a comment or assign it to Bob in IT. With the Jira gadget in Xobni it takes less than 30 seconds to receive, triage, and log work on an issue you receive. And since Xobni also integrates with Salesforce, Evernote, and Twitter, you can keep your customers and teammates up to date as you work. It doesn’t get much better than this.

If you have to live in your inbox, why not let us make it more comfortable for you.

What’s next?

Better Together: Jira and Xobni...