The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) is a tool we’ve created to help you discover, install and manage plugins. We announced the UPM about a year ago, and with the newest release of Bamboo 3.1 the UPM is now bundled and shipping with our entire pluggable product portfolio. The UPM has come a long way since we first announced it. We’d like to share with you some exciting new features in the just-released UPM 1.5, available today.

Automatic Plugin Update Checks

UPM 1.5 keeps administrators more up-to-date about available plugin updates. In Jira and Confluence, you no longer have to visit the UPM page to check for new versions of your plugins. Whenever upgrades are available for your installed plugins, you’ll see a notification in the Administration section of your product. Take a look:

UPM Conf.png
UPM Jira.png

Offline Mode

The UPM uses the Atlassian Plugin Exchange to help you discover all of the amazing plugins being added to our ecosystem everyday.

But some of our customers run our products on networks that can’t access the internet. We improved the UPM to support an explicit offline mode, allowing administrators of offline instances to manage plugins without waiting for the UPM to attempt to contact the Plugin Exchange. Though you won’t be able to search for new plugins to install, you can still manage your existing plugins with ease.

Proxy Support

While some of you want your servers completely offline, others want their servers behind proxies. And those of you running behind proxies will be pleased to hear that the UPM is now fully compatible and configurable with a traditional HTTP proxy.

Installing or Upgrading the UPM

To get started with the UPM, or to upgrade from an older version, take a look at the Universal Plugin Manager plugin exchange page. All you’ll need to do is install the plugin.

The Developer Relations team here at Atlassian is committed to making plugins easier to install, maintain, and develop. We have lots of plans for the UPM that we feel will be very exciting. Stay tuned for more updates, and, as always, please share any and all feedback you have around how we can continue to improve the plugin management experience.

Better Plugin Administration with the Universal Plugin Manager 1.5