For the Bamboo 3.3 release we’ve decided to have an innovation week instead of taking traditional 20% time. I will explain in a separate post what exactly that means and why we’ve done it, but today I want to talk about the results and give you a sneak preview of Bamboo 3.3. Let’s get started…

Fast, history-friendly tabbed navigation

Jason.pngJason worked on making Bamboo even faster by loading tabbed content via AJAX (instead of full-page reloads), utilising HTML5’s browser history API to keep track of which tabs (and their URLs) you had selected, so your back/forward buttons work as expected. The results give users a faster browsing experience when viewing build results – saving valuable time.

Commit View

Brydie.pngBrydie continued the work on her ShipIt project and set out to provide a commit centric view in Bamboo. This view allows users to see their builds in relation to an individual commit and provides a way to assess a level of overall confidence in a commit. The “My Bamboo” page now has been completely revamped and is not only a whole lot more useful, but also a whole lot prettier.

EC2 Improvements

Przemek.pngPrzemek continues to improve our EC2 support. He implemented a feature that allows agent code to be downloaded from an external location provided by the Bamboo server. This means that EC2 images, once created, will automatically be compatible with any version of Bamboo that uses them. Goodbye EC2 upgrade pain.
Repository User Aliases
Krystian.pngTo make approximately 40 voters happy, Krystian decided to tackle [BAM-1141]( and add support for multiple user aliases in Bamboo. Now if your username is “clarkkent” in one repository, and “superman” in another one, you can map both aliases to the same user in Bamboo. That’s not only handy in the DVCS world, but will also be useful for Plans with multiple source repositories. To make sure the statistics are still accurate, he also aggregated the author statistics into a user statistic.

… and more

Of course not all projects made it into the release. A couple of projects were very ambitious and therefore not completed, but laid the groundwork for more great features in the upcoming releases.

Overall the Bamboo Innovation week was hugely successful and I’m sure you will enjoy the new features and improvements as much as we do.

Bamboo Innovation Week – 3.3 Sneak Preview