santa-wings.gifJust in time for the holiday season, the Bamboo team is excited to announce the beta release of the Atlassian Bamboo Git Plugin.

We believe distributed version control represents the future of all source control therefore we introduced out-of-the-box Mercurial support in Bamboo 2.7.

Git, another hugely popular DVCS, has been supported only via 3rd party plugins…until today.

Bamboo Git Plugin Beta-1

First the good news. We are releasing a beta plugin for Bamboo Git support today for users of Bamboo 2.7.x to try out. 

Then some more good news. The upcoming release of Bamboo 3.0 will feature Git support out of-the-box.

Download the plugin from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange and give it a spin.

Give Us your Feedback

We would love to get your feedback. Please let us know about any issues, feature requests or problems you experience by creating a ticket in Jira.

The plugin is open source and hosted on GitHub. Feel free to take a look at the source and fork it if you are interested.

Happy Holidays from the Atlassian Bamboo Team!

Git Support for Bamboo – Now in Beta