Improved Maven support
Atlassian’s Bamboo continuous integration server has seen a huge surge in popularity recently with the introduction of the $10 starter licenses, and the latest release contains great new features that will benefit everyone immediately.
Development teams using Maven 2 will get some great new features in the latest release of Bamboo. Bamboo 2.5 also includes faster build plan creation, additional bulk build plan editing capabilities, and over 50 new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Maven Dependency Management

Bamboo will now store dependencies between Maven 2 builds right in the pom.xml, allowing the builds to be run independent of Bamboo. Learn more >>

Import build plans from Maven dependencies

If you’ve already set up a Maven 2 build with dependencies described in the pom.xml, Bamboo can now automatically import the dependency information and configure your builds correctly. Learn more >>

Streamlined Build Plan Creation

The plan creation wizard now allows you to create a plan without progressing through all of the steps. If you are cloning a plan or don’t want to provide all the information on the latter tabs at the time of creation, you can save it after the second or third step respectively. Learn more >>
Read the Bamboo 2.5 release notes

Bamboo 2.5 released – improved Maven support, easier build plan setup and more