Bamboo 3.0 is nearly here… “download”: the public beta to take an early look at the upcoming features of Bamboo 3.0 and give us your feedback on the upcoming features and improvements.

h2. What’s in the Box?

“Bamboo 2.7”: introduced Stages, speeding up your feedback cycle by allowing you to run Jobs in parallel and structure your builds more efficiently — this was only the first step. In Bamboo 3.0 we picked up right where we left of with 2.7. Bamboo 3.0 allows you to share artifacts between Stages and we completely *revamp the Bamboo UI*, making it more intuitive to setup and navigate your Plans. We also introduced new features that will further *improve the speed of your builds* and *effectively implement Continuous Deployment* into your build process.

h3. Artifact Sharing

Artifacts created by a Job can now be shared with Jobs in subsequent Stages. No need to download the source and re-build your application in every single Job. Build it once and pass it on to later Stages to test and deploy it.


h3. Git Support

With DVCS becoming more and more popular, we are happy to announce that in addition to Mercurial, we now support Git as well.

h3. New User Interface

The Bamboo User Interface has been completely re-designed around Plans, Stages and Jobs.

h4. Status Ribbon

No matter what whether you are looking at the test results or the artifacts of a specific build, the Status Ribbon will always be visible to remind you whether the Build or Job was successful.


h4. Plan Navigator

The new Plan Navigator makes it easy to navigate between different Jobs in a Plan. An added bonus is that it remembers the context you were in, making it a breeze to browse summaries or test results for a number of Jobs.


h4. History Navigator

While the Plan Navigator allows you to navigate the Plan structure, the History Navigator allows you to go back in time. It provides a quick overview of the status of recent Builds and Jobs and allows you to quickly jump between them.


h4. New Dashboard

The new Bamboo Dashboard makes easy for you to find the relevant information about your Plans and turn the most important information into a wallboard for your team. It is also a **whole lot faster**.


h3. Audit Logs

Bamboo now records all configuration changes, allowing you track down whether a build failed because of an actual problem in your code or whether the configuration of you Plan had anything to do with it.

h3. Scheduled Repository Polling

Checking your source repository for changes every 5 minutes is not flexible enough? Bamboo 3.0 allows you to schedule when you want to poll your source repositories for changes. You can create a schedule using Cron expressions, but don’t worry if you can’t remember all that Cron stuff. Bamboo has a nice and easy to use UI to create your schedule without any expression magic required.

“Download the Bamboo 3.0 Beta”: to give it a whirl!

h2. We want your feedback

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think by “submitting issues or ideas on our public instance of Jira”: or via the in-product feedback button.

Bamboo 3.0 Beta – we want your feedback