A new build structure, parallel builds, wallboards and out-of-the-box Mercurial (Hg) support are just some of the new features in Bamboo 2.7. The focus of this release was to take Bamboo beyond continuous integration and improve the feedback loop.

What’s new?

Map your build process

Bamboo allows you to define and map your complete build process (such as compilation, testing and deployment) in a single Plan.

Improve dev speed by failing faster if a problem is identified early in your build process.

Project Structure

Bamboo Stages.pngBuild steps are mapped to Stages within your plan, were each stage is executed consecutively.

Build units within a stage are called Jobs. Jobs can be executed in parallel enabling you to run different suites of test simultaneously or the same test against different environments.

Plans now consist of Stages – one or more Jobs can be grouped into Stages.

Concurrent builds

No more waiting on plans to finish! Before, if a build plan was running on one agent, then additional builds based on the same plan could not run on other agents until the first build completed. Depending on the length of the build queue, this could result in a significant delay and longer feedback cycles. Bamboo’s new concurrent build feature allows you to run the same build plan concurrently on multiple agents.
bamboo concurrent build.png


Development teams benefit from having build results available at all times – some prefer to have a monitor, projector, or even a 55′ HDTV displaying vital development stats. Use the Bamboo Wallboard to display the latest builds results or connect it to Jira to display your builds along-side GreenHopper burn-down charts, Crucible code reviews and other vital data on your favorite information radiator.


Mercurial Support

Bamboo 2.7 introduces out-of-the-box support for Mercurial (Hg) source control repositories (previous version required a 3rd-party plugin).

Wait! There is more…

  • Simplified plan configuration
  • Intuitive breadcrumbs
  • UI improvements – Plan Summary, Plan Build Result
  • And much more

You can learn more about the new features and improvements in the Bamboo 2.7 release notes.


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