The Bamboo team is proud to announce the launch of Bamboo 1.0, Atlassian’s Continuous Integration and Build Telemetry Server. After much blood, sweat and beers tears, 1.0 is out the door! You can take it for a spin from our website.

Continuous Integration Made Simple

We built Bamboo with simplicity in mind and it comes with an intuitive setup process. You can run the installer, open the browser and add a new project and be continuously integrating in no time. Bamboo will even try to detect your current system settings (e.g. ANT_HOME, MAVEN_HOME, CVS_ROOT) to minimise manual setup. No messing about with XML files. If your needs are simple, then Bamboo keeps it simple. It just works.

Build Telemetry: See the forest from the trees

Bamboo helps you put out the spot fires, but it also gives you a better understanding of your build processes. As with traditional C.I., you can see the latest status of your builds (you can check out our Opensource Bamboo instance). While this alone is undoubtedly useful, it’s only a fraction of the useful information available to you.
But how is the project doing compared to three months ago? Are the builds still breaking as often as before? Which tests are broken the most often? When things get broken, how long do the tests take to fix? Bamboo’s Build Telemetry gives you the numbers and statistics to these questions and help you understand your builds over time. You can even run custom reports to compare different build plans.
There’s plenty more features packed in there as well like build labelling, comments and embedable javascript widgets. Just give it a try.

Bamboo Shoots

With already over 400 Jira issues fixed, a huge amount of work has gone into Bamboo. Nevertheless, there’s much much more to be done. In the coming months we’ll be looking at things like distributed builds, customisable build plans, and much more. Keep an eye out on this blog for more details.
You can find out more about Bamboo at our website and in our documentation. As always, we appreciate any feedback and you can raise issues on our Jira instance or in the forums

Bamboo 1.0 Released