A new plugin is available for Bamboo that provides a Task to upload files from Bamboo directly to a remote server using SCP as part of the build. Simply provide the destination host, username, password, the local path of the files you want to copy (You can use Ant style pattern matching to include multiple files) and a destination directory on the server – then its good to go!

If you haven’t heard of the Bamboo Task Master Challenge already, Atlassian is running a competition where you write a Bamboo Task for a chance to win a boatload of prizes. Writing Tasks is incredibly easy – we wrote the SCP task using the fantastically light sshj library for Java and took only a small bit of glue code to get it working. The source for the Bamboo SCP Plugin is available on Bitbucket under the Apache 2 license.



Download it now from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange

Copying files using Bamboo and the SCP Plugin...