It’s been quite a while since Bamboo OnDemand was upgraded, and the wait is almost over!  Later this month we’ll be bringing the hosted offering to be current with the latest offering for download, Bamboo 4.1.  I sat down with Douglas Butler, product manager for our OnDemand universe, to get the scoop. 

SGD: First, tell me briefly what it means to be the product manager for Atlassian OnDemand.  What are some of the projects you work on?

DB: There’s a ton going on at the moment. At all moments, to be honest. The last few months we’ve focused on improving the delivery pipeline and migrating subscribers from our legacy services to OnDemand. Planning for the next fiscal year is ongoing (our fiscal year begins July 1 and there’s a lot of great stuff in the works for the coming year. Road mapping is more of a process than an outcome, but I really enjoy this time of year because planning for what’s next on an annual scale is really exciting.

SGD: Bamboo OnDemand hasn’t been upgraded along side each release of behind-the-firewall Bamboo.  Why is that?

DB: Back in the Jira Studio days, our team was a basically a customer of the product teams. When a release was created for on-premises customers we would receive it around the same time and get to work integrating into the service. Depending on the specific release and the timing of various product releases, this process could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Since releasing Atlassian OnDemand we’ve made some major improvements to how products are deployed to the service. The product teams themselves have taken on responsibility for deployment to both download and OnDemand customers, with our team acting as facilitators – improving the pipeline that allows them to do so efficiently. We focused these efforts on Jira and Confluence first, now it’s Bamboo’s turn.

Improving our pipeline has already yielded impressive results. We’ve gone from about ten per year to weekly releases, with major releases going out to OnDemand and download customers simultaneously.

SGD: What kind of upgrade cadence can Bamboo OnDemand users expect going forward?

DB: Following the release of Bamboo 4.1 into OnDemand later this month, there will be a slight delay between the behind-the-firewall release of Bamboo 4.2 and the OnDemand release. This is happening because of the release timing – the next download release closely following the OnDemand one.  Subsequently, we plan to release major versions to both channels at the same time.

SGD: Customers who follow Atlassian closely may have gotten wind of an initiative to bring more uniformity to all of our OnDemand offerings.  Would you care to confirm or deny those rumors?

DB: That is definitely something that’s in the works. Applications that are focused around development should not only be the best at what they do, but also harmonious in how they look and feel. I’m very excited about where Atlassian is heading and how what we’re doing will help make customers awesome, both OnDemand and on-premises.

Thanks Douglas!  One last thing to point out is that having Fisheye OnDemand will no longer be a prerequisite for using Bamboo OnDemand.   Jira OnDemand will still be required, however.  For more information about what’s coming up in the OnDemand world, see the Atlassian OnDemand release summary.  To get a preview of what’s in store for Bamboo OnDemand, check out the “What’s New” pages from version 3.1 and forward.

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