Bamboo just added another great plugin to the family: Bamboo-LiveRebel!  Oliver White from ZeroTurnaround, makers of LiveRebel, is so excited about this plugin that he wrote up a little sumthin’-sumthin’ to introduce you to it.  Take it away, Oliver!

ZeroTurnaround is pleased to announce a plugin that is going to change your Continuous Delivery game: the Bamboo-LiveRebel plugin, available at no charge on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

More Bacon for Your Automation

According to a recent report on developer productivity, Bamboo claimed a 7% market share of the CI space, coming in second only to Jenkins/Hudson, and already has a rich plugin ecosystem. This new plugin is pure ball lightning (yeah, like Tesla-style) harnessing the powers of Bamboo, Atlassian’s continuous integration and release management product, with LiveRebel, ZeroTurnaround’s revolutionary application and server management solution for end-to-end application lifecycle management.

You probably already know that Bamboo is used to check out source code, build, package, test and finally update running applications with the just-built version. LiveRebel compliments that by automating the application deployment using an update method of your choice, including instant hotpatching without breaking user sessions, something yet to be seen in the market.

With Bamboo & LiveRebel, DevOps harmony is truly emphasized: you can go from deployment to continuous updates of your JEE applications using your favourite JEE application server. It’s like wrapping a Ferrari in bacon and then eating it. You can feel the speed and good taste of two very cool products.

Saving the World, One Sys-Admin At A Time

LiveRebel 2.0 was released earlier in 2012 as a new way of managing the deployment pipeline. The driving concept behind LiveRebel is to eradicate 3AM Sunday-morning deployments by overworked operations staff. (Sound familiar? Yeah… thought so.) LiveRebel gives Ops teams the power to run deployments in a completely online, transactional, reversible and transparent pipeline. In the case of minor updates to applications, LiveRebel can even do an instant update without losing user sessions or server downtime, using the same technology found in JRebel, the Java’s most popular redeploy killing tool.

So for those of us tired of having broken builds by unknown committers, a choppy release process and Operations teams still bleary-eyed from manual, unclear offline updates, say hello to Bamboo-LiveRebel!  Get it for free on the Plugin Exchange, then breeze through the configuration with the help of the plugin’s how-to guide.



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