Few software projects start their lives spread out across multiple repositories. But, neither do most projects that remain in a single repo forever. Take Jira, for example: At 12 years of age, it is comprised of millions of lines of code stored across 19 repositories. As a company, Atlassian has hundreds of repos. Whether that’s good practice or not, that’s reality for us and for thousands of our customers. So with Bamboo 5.5 we set out to make building from all those repos a little bit easier.

Connect to Stash for instant access

Bamboo users love the native detection of Bitbucket repos: Simply enter your Bitbucket account info when adding a repo, and select from the repositories you have access to. Now we’ve extended that same ease of use to repositories hosted in Stash, our on-premises Git repository manager. Connecting Bamboo to Stash with an application link is all it takes to make every repo available instantly. Even if you’re not an admin or contributor to a Stash repo, you can still include it in your builds – great for complex, multi-team projects. Just one more integration that makes working with Bamboo and Stash a breeze.

Link New Repo

Share repos, not passwords


Even if you’re not using Stash (yet), we’ve made adding new repos to Bamboo simpler and more powerful. Now you can link a new repository in the course of creating a new build plan, instead of linking it as a stand-alone action. What’s more, repos added this way will be shared globally so they’re available to all build plans by default. Not only does this make it easy to follow the “DRY” rule of programming, it means repo admins can connect Bamboo to a repository, and immediately make it available to all developers – while still keeping the repo’s password locked down. Don’t feel like sharing? No problem. Just select the option to make the repo accessible only to you.

No matter what version control system or repository manager you use, it all adds up to time saved. And wouldn’t you rather spend that time coding, anyway? Grab a copy of Bamboo 5.5 start building faster than ever.

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