For anyone who’s ever had to mockup a web page, Balsamiq is an amazing Confluence plugin that lets product managers, developers, web masters and business folks all collaborate on the UI right inside a wiki page. Just this week they added a major feature to their Confluence plugin that lets you link together between mockups in different Confluence pages. This is a really powerful feature because it now lets you not only show what your app will look like but also how it will BEHAVE for the end user.
Say, for example, you have a mockup of a login screen which has two actions: (i) a login button and (ii) a forgot password link. You might have three separate mockups for this…a login screen mockup, a forgot password screen and a logged in screen. Now you can show what happens when the user clicks on the login link or the forgotten password link inside the login page. You can link all these mockups together, even if they’re on different Confluence pages (really slick). I’m not yet entirely sure if the links work when you export the space to HTML but my assumption is that it will.

This new version of the Balsamiq plugin is not yet shipped but Balsamiq are asking for beta testers. You can download a pre-release of the new version here.

Here’s a video demo of the new feature:

Balsamiq Mockups for Confluence – now with i...