Originally, we had intended to write a two-part blog series on the performance improvements in Jira 4. You may have already seen the first part, where George Barnett covered Jira 4 performance compared to Jira 3.13.
In the second part, Mark Lassau was going to talk about the benefits of automated performance tests and the improvements to the Jira codebase made possible by the regular performance telemetry data. However, Andreas Knecht beat him to the punch when he wrote about the 20% performance improvements in Jira 4.0.1 on the Developer Blog.

Aggressively improved caching

So, if you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to check out how we combined Bamboo, Confluence, jira.atlassian.com and JMeter to aggressively improve our caching:

Jira 4 Performance – Part 2