Ok, so we did chat about other topics related to deploy automation at the Open Dojo hangout last Thursday. But making the business case for investing in automation took center stage, with all four panelists weighing in (some of them more than once!). If you missed the live broadcast, you can check out the recording here or on YouTube. Fire it up and kick back with your lunch or some pretzels & beer!

ps: Look for the next Open Dojo coming up in August. We’ll be geeking out about infrastructure monitoring.

0:00 – welcome & introductions

1:20 – War stories! What are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve had to jump over in switching from manual to automated deploys?

6:40 – What brought on the “ah-ha!” moment for your boss (and boss’ boss) that convinced them investing in automation was worthwhile?

15:20 – When deploys go wrong or emergencies come up, devs, operators, testers and support have to come together to fix thing up. Does getting these groups together earlier in the release cycle prevent the emergencies from happening?

18:30 – What does that cross-team collaboration look like on the ground? Do you cross-pollinate people in each other’s stand-ups? Other tips?

23:30 – What are the advantages of doing deployments directly from a CI tool vs. having the CI tool push packages to a repository where it can be picked up by a configuration management system?

32:30 – What are some of the most convincing arguments that sway managers to invest the time in switching to automated deploys? Any metrics that are especially compelling?

42:00 – How do you migrate changes to properties files to multiple environments using CI?

47:15 – What are some good resources for people who are just learning how to do automated deploys?

51:45 – Do PaaS providers like AWS, Heroku or CloudFoundry make the learning curve for auto-deploys any less daunting?

56:00 – More war stories! Have you had to make changes to your internal IT infrastructure in order to make them suitable for deploy automation?

1:00:30 – Wrapin’ it up! Thanks everyone!

Automated Deploys: How to Convince Your Boss...