If you’re building plugins you’ve probably looked at the Atlassian User Interface (AUI) documentation at some stage. The problem with documentation, of course, is that it’s not as exciting as code.

With that in mind we’re pleased to present the AUI Sandbox, originally a 20% project created by Ben Wong and now in production to help AUI users.

Screenshot of AUI Sandbox

The Sandbox is a fast way to try your hand at creating AUI components. You can test and tweak the HTML, CSS and JS before copying the code across to your plugin. Internal testing has also shown that using Sandbox makes it easier to consume the documentation – it’s a great kickstart to using AUI.

The Sandbox demonstrates AUI components in isolation from product code, so you can be sure your AUI code is working before integrating it.

The fine print:

  • Some products modify or extend AUI components, so they may look or behave differently from the Sandbox.
  • The Sandbox at http://docs.atlassian.com/aui/latest/sandbox/ is the latest released version, including milestones (check the version in the Sandbox header).
  • Version-specific copies of Sandbox are available for AUI 3.3+; and can be found at http://docs.atlassian.com/aui/
  • You can use AJS.version to check which version of AUI your target application is running

Of course if you just want to see examples of the components, we are still publishing the AUI component demo pages. You can find them at http://docs.atlassian.com/aui/latest/demo-pages/ (again, there are version-specific copies if you need them).

AUI Sandbox and Demos