Atlassian has kept its distance from traditional corporate public relations, we don’t have a PR agency, we don’t do a lot of self promotion. Still, it’s great when a writer comes along and wants to write a story about the company.
A terrific write up here from Susan Scrupski at ITSinsider about Atlassian. The article centers around Atlassian’s tremendous growth — “… half of the Fortune 100 were using an Atlassian product. That got my attention.” — over the past four years. The article’s conclusion summarises it well:

I did my own fact-checking, and I have not changed my mind. I think this company has tremendous potential and should be an inspiration to every vendor participating in the next wave of Enterprise software.

This year’s ITSinsider e2.0, “Rock Stars of the year

Atlass(t)ian! Why I luv’em....