As Atlassian has grown, so have our communications. As a company with a no-BS policy, it’s important to open the kimono whenever we can. You can hear the latest news on our blogs, get updates via Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter, and today, we’d like to introduce you to our new feed center, the newest addition to our growing methods of communication.

All Grows Up

Back in 2005, it used to be easy to keep all of our 2,000 customers apprised of what’s happening. Here we are six years later with about ten times the number of customers, three times the number of products, and quadruple the number of employees; since 2005 communications has also grown – in complexity. In the simple days, the only regular email communication we sent was the monthly newsletter, which today goes out to about 20K recipients. Now, we send roughly 200-300K emails per month from ExactTarget, our email service provider. Our emails include product updates, event announcements, developer and partner news, security advisories and more.

Email Preference Center

Atlassian Email Prefs Page.jpegAs our email lists grew, we made some great improvements along the way. The first thing we did was create a comprehensive Email Preferences Center (click on right). Members of our customer portal,, (create your account today!) have access to our beautifully designed pref center which gives you options to opt in, or out, of our major email buckets.

When you click on the ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘update preferences’ links at the bottom of any email we send, you will be taken to the above pref center. The integration between our database and our custom preference center fed by ExactTarget’s API was a great enhancement to our communications strategy. Without this customization, people would be stuck with ExactTarget’s out-of-the-box preference center, which is a total snooze fest.

New Feed Center

https___my.atlassian.com_feeds.jpgWe have many more communications besides email. There are many feeds that people might be interested in. RSS blog feeds, support feeds, Twitter feeds — all of these types of feeds were dispersed and there was no single place to access them. Introducing (click image on right).

Notice at the bottom of the page, if you prefer to get RSS content as email, there is a site to help you do this.

Now, when you login to, in the upper right you will see ‘Communications Centre.’ Clicking on this provides two tabs: ‘Email Prefs’ and ‘RSS & Twitter.’ We think this is a huge step in the right direction in terms of getting our customers, or those interested, to interact with us in the method and at what frequency they prefer.

Not only has our communications strategy developed and grown, but so has our team. We are currently hiring an Email Marketing Administrator, so if you are interested or want to refer a mate, give us a shot! Have you seen any good communication centers out in the wild? Do you have any recommendations for us to improve ours? Do you have any questions about our emails or feeds? C’mon – communicate with me!

Atlassian’s New Feed Center and Communications Enhanced