One year ago, we launched our community-run user group program. The program has really come into its own. We’re receiving weekly requests from customers and partners to start user groups all over the globe. There are now over 30 user groups running, from our hometown San Francisco to Hamburg. And user groups the world over are throwing all sorts of creative energy at self-organizing, like this Facebook page for the Nordic Atlassian user Group.
Groups range from five people in Edmonton, Canada geeking out over pizza and beer to 30 people in Washington, DC discussing ways that Atlassian products can fit the requirements of the tightly regulated government sector.
We’ve got some big plans in store to improve the program. Based on feedback from the 15 group leaders who attended Atlassian Summit 2010, we’re planning to make these groups even better by giving Community licenses for user groups, providing more content for organizers to share with their groups, and creating a better way for user group organizers to share content.
If you’re interested in starting a user group in your area? Atlassian will support your group with promotional emails to users in the area, t-shirts for giveaways, and money towards food and drinks. There is also a User Group Cookbook to help with planning. Customers that run user groups even get a free ticket to Atlassian Summit 2011. Visit our Genuine Atlassian User Group site for more information.

Atlassian User Groups: To Infinity and Beyond