The first Atlassian User Group (AUG) meeting in Virginia this week was a tremendous success. Wil Anderson and I flew in from San Francisco on Monday night, and Scott arrived that night from Sydney (by way of Kuala Lumpur and then London).
The meeting was held Tuesday evening at a lovely hotel in Falls Church VA. About 50 users attended, from all around the D.C. area. We also were lucky to meet a few of our partners from the area, including the folks from our sponsor, IntelliObjects.
We had three brief talks: Christian LaPointe demo’d his brand new acceptance testing tool GreenPepper. I spent some time talking about Jira and Confluence plugins and the developer network, and Scott finished up by talking about the road to Jira 4 and Confluence 3, as well as discussing our upcoming products Bamboo and Crowd.
We collected incredibly valuable feedback about the direction of Jira and Confluence as well as our new efforts. The attendees got to see some new tools, hear about our plans, and ask questions. We did our best to answer everything, but if you have more questions for us, feel free to comment here or on the event page.
I’m sorry we weren’t able to arrange a recording of the event, but we’ve put that on our “things to remember” list. Hopefully we’ll get that sorted for next time. We have uploaded some pictures and the presentation materials to the AUG space on Confluence so you can check it out. You can also read another summary of the night from Tom McQueeney on his blog.
The highlight for me was chatting with users from all sorts of backgrounds. There were a wide variety of companies represented, and it’s always fun to hear how and where our software is actually being used. Thanks to all the attendees for taking the time to talk with us before and after the event.
Many thanks go to Ernie and Ginnie, and the entire team at IntelliObjects. They did most of the backend work and had everything in order – even while they are moving offices! They’re a talented group of folks and if you have a chance to say hi, they’ll appreciate it.
We were thrilled with the outcome and we’ll definitely be doing this again soon. Thanks to everyone who made it a success. Stay tuned for more information about the next meetup.

Atlassian User Group Roundup