001.jpgIf you were under a rock or away from a computer, you may have missed the Atlassian Stimulus Package: our promotion of $5 licenses for Jira and Confluence, with all proceeds donated to charity. We launched the Atlassian Stimulus last week expecting to sell around 5,000 licenses and generate $25,000 for Room to Read. Well, we were way off the mark. Here are some stats:

  • We hit our goal of $25,000 in just 23 hours
  • By the end of 5 days, 7,286 organizations purchased $5 licenses
  • 13,126 licenses were sold
  • $100,370 dollars was raised for Room to Read!

Thanks to you, Room to Read will be able to build 25 libraries for children in developing nations.
Our CEO and co-founder, Mike, blogged all last week about the Stimulus Package and shared some really cool stats from our own internal instance of Confluence. Over the five days, licenses were purchased in 86 countries. Check out these cool maps he generated showing the concentration of where $5 licenses were purchased.
We’re all overwhelmed by the support for this campaign and thrilled to see it exceed our expectations.
You missed it?
The Atlassian Stimulus Package was a limited time offer. However, we know from past promotions that people are pissed if they missed out. If you’d like to see it brought back, visit this page and let us know: http://www.atlassian.com/starter
And keep watching this blog for more tales from the sale.

Atlassian Stimulus Package donates over $100,000 t...